Europe, our home, is home to historical innovations from the first days of the digital age.
From the innovations around first decryption computers, the World Wide Web at CERN or the Linux operating system to countless other Inventions, Europe has contributed greatly. Innovations most of which have changed the global information age profoundly, benefitting the European and Global Information Technology sector are “Invented and Made in Europe”.

The mission of the European Society for Digital Sovereignty is strengthening a sovereign European information age. Europe must reclaim the ability to act in a sovereign manner in the digital environment and all its facets. Our goal is supporting Entities of Government, Economy, Science and Society in understanding how they can strengthen their own ability to succeed in digital transformation. „In varietate concordia“, united in diversity, – the motto of the European Union – shall be a strong concept in the digital realm as well. Our goal is supporting a digital sphere of choice, where choice and open information and standards support a diverse digital ecosystem as opposed to the digital dominance of very few entities.

Corona has shown, how a good togetherness about tablets and computer can succeed. But it has even shown how important it is, to be soverign – this extends for medicine and also for all sectors of IT.

That’s why we call our ambition of the European Society for Digital Sovereignty a misson. Our mission is the reinforcement of a sovereign European digital age.

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